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Do you teach or take an introductory, accelerated, or short course in research methods and statistics?

Dr. Ken Kovach and Phil Richardson have just released a new research methods and statistics text (Practical Research & Statistics; ISBN: 9781513616773).  It is an affordable, specialist text particularly well suited for introductory, accelerated, and short courses in this subject.  The authors have enjoyed over 30 years each as university instructors in adult education at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Here is an efficient, effective tool that combines three critical elements in the research process.

This new textbook combines: 1) what research is, 2) which statistics are useful, and 3) both reporting formats and examples. The authors have taken, monitored and taught many courses involving research and statistics during their careers.  
The authors understand the processes as well as the uncertainties and stresses involved in undertaking and completing research projects.  They know that students new to formal research projects need a helping hand through the multitude of research approaches. 
Students also need good advice on more efficient and effective ways to conduct those initial projects that will give them the skills and confidence to conduct both academic and commercial research projects in the future.
For a preview of the text, see the Brief Table of Contents on this website. 

Paperback version (272 pages): $65 US / £50 GB; eBook version $49.99 US / £35.99 GB iBook; £34.55 GB Kindle

Contact us with queries or orders by email: kjkovach@btinternet.com. eBook available on iBooks and Kindle immediately.  Delivery of paperback version by post (allow 14 days for  delivery; sales tax/VAT added where required by law).  Instructors adopting the textbook for their class(es) will be provided an Instructor Guide, Test Bank, and PowerPoint files.  Sample data available for instructors on request.

Concerning our eBook version, certain technical examples and tables may not display as desired, particularly on smaller screens.  You may download pdf versions of selected tables, figures and examples from this website.  Alternatively viewing our eBook on a larger display, PC or Mac should resolve most display issues.  Please contact us as needed.

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